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War Of The Vikings - Release Trailer Buy War of the Vikings: Paradox Interactive, the fearsome digital warriors of Northern Europe, have today unleashed War of The Vikings, their all-new skill-based multiplayer combat game, on to digital retail portals across the world. Developed by Fatshark, War of The Vikings is the next generation of close-quarter combat games as players design and customize a personalized warrior and take them in to glorious battle online with other warriors from all over the world. Choose from the Standard Edition , the Blood Eagle Edition or the mythic Valhalla Edition that includes the lifetime Viking pass where all future content released for the game is automatically unlocked, a digital art book, digital strategy guide, deluxe soundtrack, and the brand new ‘Berserker King’ digital novel. Five new maps are now also available across all three variants: Stronghold — a Viking Village under siege featuring ferocious combat inside, outside, under and on top of buildings with a multitude of tactical options. (Available in Team Death Match, Conquest and Pitched Battle modes) Tide — the Viking longboats have been stranded on a beach close to a large cave with a Saxon force nearby (Available in Team Death Match and Arena modes) Ice Floe — Vikings and Saxons go toe-to-toe on a desolate ice floe surrounded by freezing water and icebergs. (Available in Team Death Match and Arena modes) Ravine — located in the middle of a dense forest stands a monstrous ravine responsible for sending many a brave warrior to Valhalla! (Available in Conquest, Team Death Match and Pitched Battle) Ruins — Tense and close-quarters battles set in remote forest ruins. (Available in Team Death Match and Arena modes) Buy War of the Vikings: